Who We Are

We’re leading experts on financial health and financial services transformation to support the financial lives of Canadians

Seymour Consulting is a strategic consulting firm based in Vancouver Canada, with extensive experience in business transformation and innovation in financial services.

In recognition that financial stress was a major problem in Canada but that no organization was measuring it, in 2017 we took the bold leap to create and launch our social enterprise Financial Health Index and national Financial Health Index study. Through data and thought-leadership, encourage our financial ecosystem to do more for Canadians, in partnership with government, FIs, non-profits and other key stakeholders.  Ultimately, our goal is for positive impact for Canadians, families, small businesses and our communities.

Seeing a big gap and significant financial stress on the ground, and building on a number of financial health and wellness projects for high-profile clients, we realized that financial health and wellness was the ‘future of banking’ and that no one was measuring the significant financial stress we were seeing through on-the-ground customer interviews with our clients customers around their financial lives.

So we told the bold leap to measure the financial health, stress, wellness and resilience of Canadians back in 2017, through our independent longitudinal study “Financial Health Index”. This was informed by the “best of the best” financial health, capability and wellness studies from around the globe, and built on our deep experience in financial services strategy and banking.

Our mission and goal to help measurably improve the financial health of Canadians, by bringing visibility to factors that most impede or improve their financial wellbeing and partnering with financial services innovators and other organizations to drive positive impact at scale.  

We do this through sharing key insights from our national Financial Health Index studies; conducting deep financial health research and innovation on the ground; and providing strategic and customer experience consulting, programs and business transformation support for FIs.  This helps credit unions, banks, wealth management companies, insurance companies, credit providers and others to re-invent the way organizations engage, support and serve their customers through the lens of their financial health, and through a totally different banking and customer relationship.

We recognize that consumers are ultimately in charge of their financial well-being, and our work is part of a much wider global financial health movement. We’re excited to be leading change in Canada and with other committed innovators.  Learn more


What is Financial Health?

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We’re the leading independent authority on consumer financial health in Canada.

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Our Vision is for financially healthy, resilient Canadians

Our Mission

Our mission is to help measurably improve the financial health and well-being of individuals, families and communities, by collaborating with committed financial innovators for positive impact at scale. 

We do this primarily by supporting financial innovators and institutions to support the financial health, resilience and wellness of their customers through enhanced products, solutions, programs, engagement and a transformed customer experience.

Why this matters?
Promoting financial health is good for consumers and businesses in many ways. Money stress is the #1 cause of fights and arguments between couples, and a key contributor to overall wellbeing. Money stress, ‘money loneliness’, and the complexity of navigating our financial lives has never been greater. Financial institutions are also being hailed as needing to do more to support peoples’ financial lives, rather than ‘product push’ products or services, that may not be in consumers’ best interests.

  • Financial health creates new avenue for customer-led innovation, differentiation and good for the financial services industry.
  • Financially healthy, resilient consumers and businesses drive new opportunities for engagement, relationship-building, loyalty, and long-term revenue streams. 

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Please contact us for more information or to access our white papers, presentations and information around consumer financial health and re-invention opportunities in Canada and globally.


Our Team


Eloise Duncan  C.M.C M.A 

Eloise Duncan, CEO and Founder of Financial Health Index and Seymour Consulting, is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and senior business strategist. Eloise has over 23 years’ experience in financial services strategy consulting, customer experience strategy and customer-led innovation. She has led numerous enterprise transformational financial wellness strategy projects for Canadian Credit Unions and banks in Canada and Europe, and has also led high-profile transformation projects across other industries in over six countries.

John C. Lo  B.A. M.B.A

John C. Lo has 18 years of experience in marketing research and business analytics. John’ experience and expertise in the financial wellness arena includes designing quantitative financial well-being research, identifying behavioural drivers of financial health, conducting customer-level financial wellness segmentation and developing statistical models to determine key financial health indicators and indices. 

Associates and Partners

We’re keen to partner for financial health impact. Come talk to us.

As our practice grows, we have a number of partnerships and collaborations, and know that together we can have more impact. Please contact us for more info on our work or if you’re keen to partner with us.

For more information on our full team, please visit http://seymourconsulting.ca/our-approach/who-we-are/