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As Canada’s leading independent authority on financial health, we help improve the financial health and resilience of people at scale.


Seymour Management Consulting Inc. is a purpose-driven specialist consulting firm based in Vancouver Canada, established in 2009. We have extensive experience in financial health research and measurement, business analytics, enterprise financial health and customer experience innovation and new product, service and program development. We also led strategy development projects outside of financial services, with large Employers, private and public sector organizations and leading brands, to help our clients and partners to improve the financial health and resilience of their customers, employees and communities. 

Levering our Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM and complementary longitudinal Financial Health Index studies and data analytics for Canada (2017 – 2020), and through qualitative and quantitative customized research and advisory services, we help Financial Institutions (FIs) committed financial innovators, businesses, Employers, Social Enterprises and Government with tools, measurement and strategies to improve the financial health, resilience and well-being of their customers, employees and communities. This includes for individuals, families, small business owners, employees and target populations facing hardship.    

We’re a passionate team of strategists, statisticians, thinkers and creators, with deep expertise in financial services research, strategy, transformation and change management – both within Canada and other markets. With proven customer-led methodologies and expertise in developing proprietary indices, strategies and models, we share best practices, measurement tools, create strategies levering our proven customer-led innovation methodologies, and help translate insights into strategy, and strategy into action – while creating new KPIs and measures for success for committed organizations to help them target their financial health innovation and investments in impactful ways.  

Our teams lead financial health and wellness enterprise strategy with clients and partners across Canada and in other markets. We have also helped to create market-leading products, services, strategies and business transformation projects over FIs and organizations across numerous industries, with clients including but not limited to: Meridian and Motusbank; Vancity; Servus; TELUS, BC Pension Corporation, BCI, Conexus, Prospera, UBC, Central1, CCUA, Fusion, Affinity Credit Union and other organizations. 

We recognize that consumers are ultimately in charge of their financial health well-being, and our work is part of a much wider global financial health movement. We’re excited to be leading change in Canada and with other committed innovators.  Learn more

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Our Vision is for a financially healthy, resilient Canada


Our work and practice highlight that financial well-being contributes to overall individual well-being, and the well-being and resilience of families, communities, organizations and our country.

Why this matters?
The financial health and resilience of individuals, families and small business owners is critical for overall personal well-being, relationships, economic growth and prosperity and our communities. Financial stress negatively impacts physical and emotional health, relationships and family well-being; can lead to isolation; unhealthy behaviours, lost productivity and engagement of employees, stifled business and economic growth and other impacts. Financial stress is a mainstream issue – and was an increasing mainstream issue in Canada long before Covid-19 hit our country, as validated through our National FInancial Health Index Studies since 2017.

For Government – providing the right targeted financial support, benefits and programs for Canadians, families and small businesses, including those who are most vulnerable, or have highly challenged financial resilience, is a priority, particularly in light of the pandemic. Getting the right resources and support to the right citizens and provinces is important. 

For Financial Institutions – supporting the financial wellness and resilience of your customers, and managing risk management, portfolio and credit strategies – as well as your customer experience delivery – is central to your and your customers’ success.

For social enterprises and non-profit organizations – ensuring your programs and interventions have maximum impact, and lead to financial health and resilience outcomes and financial empowerment medium to longer term, will enable you to make the most of your resources and drive measurable impact.

For Employers – supporting the financial health of your leaders and employees directly supports their engagement, productivity and enables them to do their best work. Our data highlights that financial stress has a negative impact on many employees’ work and daily lives, and also impacts their overall mental and physical health and well-being.

For Individuals – knowing what to think about and manage as it relates to your financial health, resilience and wellness will help you live your best life. And if you’re a parent or part of a family, impact financial health and well-being across generations. Reducing or managing your financial stress will have many positive outcomes. And you deserve to know what questions to ask, and where to go for help.


Eloise Duncan  C.M.C M.A 

Eloise Duncan, CEO and Founder, Seymour Management Consulting Inc., is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and senior business strategist. Eloise has over 25 years’ experience in financial services strategy consulting, customer experience strategy and customer-led innovation. She has led numerous enterprise transformational financial wellness strategy projects for Canadian Credit Unions and banks in Canada and Europe, and has also led high-profile transformation projects across other industries in over six countries.

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