Our core beliefs

We believe financial health is important for all.
We believe in the need for constant re-invention.
We believe in the power of finance for good.
We believe financial health is good for business.
We believe values in action speak louder than words.

Why work with us?

We enable commited financial services innovators to transform their offerings and customer experiences: to improve financial health, deepen relationships and drive sustainable growth in a highly competitive, disruptive world.

Our work and methodologies lever human-centered design, re-invention and emergent strategy thinking and many proven customer and market-lead innovation methodologies. We are experts in best practice and competitor research and analysis to help fast-track learnings for your organization. We’re also adept at leading and faciliting Board, Senior Leader, staff and customer innovation sessions and consultations (in person or virtually) to involve and inspire your stakeholders in your financial health journey, and support execution.

What we offer

We provide customized projects, offerings and consulting services based on your business needs and resources.

Services include:

  • Research and analysis: we conduct and share insights to better understand the financial health needs and challenges of Canadians and those less resilient or more vulnerable. Our work is based on a deep understanding of the Canadian consumer and banking system.
  • Measurement tools and benchmarks:  We provide tools and benchmarks to help organizations measure, manage and improve the financial health of their customer and stakeholders, and encourage  actions to improve results over time. Our holistic framework  is focused on real customer and banking behaviours.
  • Strategic Consulting: to help organizations transform their enterprise business strategies and customer experience to support their target customers’ financial health.
  • Innovation Support: We support and invest in knowledge sharing and innovation to help drive scalable impact with partnerships, collaborations, impact labs and fintechs.

Client Benefits

  • Better understand your customers’ financial needs and health: and assess your company’s efforts against national, regional and local market and benchmarks and best practice providers.
  • Understand opportunities to improve the financial health and  resilience of particular customer segments through key touch points and member experiences: levering our proven methodologies.
  • Complement traditional customer loyalty, product or profitability measures with client-centric financial health measures that take into account healthy consumer financial behaviours, resilience factors and financial services enablement by your organization.
  • Create market-leading financial health enterprise and customer experience strategies and offerings: plus roadmaps and pathways for continual re-invention, testing and learning and refinement.

Research & Measurement

Strategic Consulting

Collaborative Innovation