Why work with us?

We have unique expertise and proven experience at helping Financial Institutions, businesses and organizations to measurably support their customers’ financial resilience and wellness, and re-invent and transform their strategies, policies and programs for impact.


With the global pandemic and world of disruption, policymakers, Financial Institutions and business leaders need to seek out new ways to understand, better serve and support their customers and communities.


Seymour Consulting is the only organization leading financial health measurement and strategy in Canada. 


We have deep expertise in the Canadian market, and are creators of the Seymour Financial Resilience Index, which has unique value and applications for different organizations.


In addition, our team has decades of experience in financial services strategy, banking and new product and service innovation across multiple projects, business lines and markets – in Canada, North America and Europe.


We provide customized solutions, and provide not only research and analytics, but can help to develop strategies, action plans, and end-to-end solutions and change management: to ensure your organization and people are set set up for success.





 A values-based company working for impact


Our values drive everything we do: 

  • Integrity: We foster long-term, respectful and trusting relationships to create positive outcomes.
  • Positivity: we believe in our clients’ ability to achieve amazing results, in re-invention and in the power of finance, leadership and change for good.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: we’re curious and entrepreneurial in the way we work and co-create solutions with our partners and clients. We’re not scared to be bold and take risks.
  • Quality and human approach: We deliver outstanding client experience and strategies and focus on people and human-centred innovation.


 Benefits and Impact

  • Better understand your customers’ financial health and resilience challenges, stressors, needs and pain points: and assess your organization’s ability to create targeted programs, offerings or policies for different segments or focus areas.
  • See your customers, portfolios or ‘segments’ in a new way and shift from a “one size fits all” focus.
  • Complement traditional customer loyalty, product or profitability measures with client-centric financial health, resilience and stress/ wellness measures. These will take into account healthy consumer financial behaviours, resilience factors and financial services enablement provided by your organization: from an engagement, service delivery and support perspective.
  • Deepen relationships and inspire your customers, leaders, employees and partners, through new ways of doing business, and accelerated innovation in the area of financial health – building on your purpose, vision,  values, offerings and strengths.

Research, Measurement & Financial Resilience Scoring

Strategic Consulting

Collaborative Innovation