Benefits of working with us

We enable committed financial services innovators to transform the way they deliver banking, through the lens of financial health.

Helping financial services partners to:

  • Inspire and deepen relationships with new and existing customers by supporting their money stresses in relevant ways
  • Inspire and empower your employees and leaders to help support your customers through the lens of their financial stresses and behaviours – while ultimately uncovering financial product and service opportunities
  • Measurably improve your customers’ financial health: while connecting your investments to your brand ‘health’ and bottom line
  • Attract new partners to join forces in the emerging arena of financial health and wellness, creating new avenues for ‘banking’

Core Services

We provide customized projects, offerings and consulting services. Services include:

  • Financial Health Measurement Tracking: leveraging our data, proprietary financial health framework and index.
  • Customer and segment financial health insights, benchmarks and indicators: also linked to real customer and banking behaviours
  • Employee Financial Health measurement & Value Proposition for Employers: to help improve employee productivity at work and financial health service provision to end-customers for financial services organizations
  • Financial Health & Wellness Customer Experience Strategy Consulting & Value Proposition development
  • Customized financial health project and program design and implementation

Client Benefits

  • Measure and better understand the full picture of consumer financial health in Canada from a holistic consumer perspective. Score your customers’ financial health against the Canadian population (and key segments) and realize your business goals
  • Understand opportunities to improve the financial health, resilience and well-being of key segments: to address their expressed and latent money stresses – in a way that goes far beyond financial products and services
  • Complement traditional customer loyalty, satisfaction or product profitability measures with client-centric financial health measures that take into account healthy consumer financial behaviours, resilience factors and financial services enablement
  • Access our customized financial health and wellness models, analytical capabilities and strategic consulting expertise to create market-leading financial-health customer experience and business strategies, aligned with your strategic goals

Research & Measurement

Lever strategic and actionable insights around how to measurably support your customers’ financial health, wellness and resilience at an individual and aggregate level.

Benchmark against Financial Health index Canadian data.

Strategic Consulting

Financial health strategy consulting, value proposition development and customer experience innovation: customized to your business needs.

Employee financial wellness strategy
and solutions.

Small business financial wellness strategy.

Collaborative Innovation

Thought-leadership and innovation to help create positive impact and improved financial health and resilience for Canadians.