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Collaborative Innovation

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Through thought-leadership and collaborative innovation we’re working to improve financial health and resilience at scale.  

Through our Index and accompanying services, Seymour Management Consulting Inc. provides financial service organizations, Government and other organizations with data analytics, research and solutions so you can better support the financial health and resilience of your customers, employees, citizens, small businesses and communities. Our Index can be applied in many ways to support your organization’s business or policy objectives.  Learn more

With our actionable insights and help, financial service innovators and other organizations can help to build the financial resilience and overall resilience of their stakeholders, while managing risk and transforming or re-inventing customer experience delivery. We can also work with policymakers and organizations to validate or inform their policies and programs for impact, and partner with other organizations to help build equity, financial inclusion and better support the underserved or more vulnerable populations.

Our support can lead to new avenues for emotionally-intelligent service, segment innovation, relationship banking and channel innovation, plus new ways to engage your customers, and connect consumer and employee behaviors and outcomes. Learn more

To complementing our strategic consulting, we bring concrete financial health benchmarks and measures to support our clients’ performance tracking and continuous improvement.

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