Measurement, research, analytics and decisioning


Our data, analytics and services help enhance your decisioning, providing avenues for customer-led innovation and targeted policies and support.


The Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM or SFRI TM enables Canadian financial institutions and other organizations to understand, measure and track the financial resilience of their prospective and existing customers. This way they can more accurately predict their resilience to future financial stressors and shocks as a result of unplanned life events or future economic disruptions.

The SFRI TM leverages non-traditional data and provides consumer financial resilience scoring and insights at the national, provincial, segment and individual client level. The SFRI TM provides a unique and dynamic three-dimensional view of consumer households and borrowers, that go beyond their financial assets, product holdings, credit score or other traditional risk measures.

Customized research analytics can also be provided by Seymour Consulting, as well as financial resilience scoring combines with independent SFRI TM benchmark data, offering a powerful complement to financial institutions’ customer, transactional, risk and behavioural data. This can help inform more targeted credit and risk decisioning and strategies. It also supports more targeted marketing and customer experience innovation, new product and service development, customer relationship management and advice, for an array of use cases.

We also offer financial resilience measurement and scoring of bank, credit union and other organizations’ customers on an individual client-scoring basis, based on your organizations needs, impact goals and priorities.  

By working with us your organization can:

  • Access to the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM for your organization: for insights on your customers’ financial vulnerability and resilience at the national, provincial, segment and individual household level. 
  • Benefit from individual client financial resilience scoring and related solutions and reporting.
  • Create customized enterprise financial health and wellness strategy development: for banks, credit unions, governments and other organizations wanting to measurably improve the financial health and well-being of their target stakeholders and measure success.
  • Measure debt stress and overall financial stress of your customers and employees, including the linkage to personal well-being such as physical and emotional health, lost productivity, isolation, relationships and community well-being.
  • Create Qualitative financial health customer analysis and tap into strategic opportunities for your organization.
  • Develop customized proprietary financial health index models.
  • Develop Employee financial health/ wellness measurement and employee financial health strategy development.
  • Build Small business financial health measurement and strategy, including for different types of businesses and business owners.                            
  • Accelerate and target your new product and service development to support your target customers’ financial wellness. 

 We have deep knowledge of the Canadian consumer, financial ecosystem and nuances of our country. We’re also partnering with different organizations for impact on collaborative (and cross-sector) innovation projects to improve financial well-being of Canadians and others around the world. 

Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help your organization or partner with you.