Research Analysis & Measurement

Measure the financial health, resilience and well-being of your customers, employees or target stakeholders, and track this over time.

Create meaningful performance measures linked to your purpose, vision, brand ‘health’  customer experience and bottom line metrics.

We offer customized and non-customized financial health research, analysis and modelling solutions for Financial Institutions, Government, Employers and clients wanting to measure their consumer financial health, stress/ wellness and resilience – and their role and impact in supporting the financial wellness of their customer or stakeholders. 

Offerings and services include:

  • Customized analysis and reporting of the Financial Health Index studies for your province, target customers or areas of interest with benchmarks versus non-customers and performance metrics for your brand/ organization  (2017 – 2020)
  • Leverage of the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM and related offerings to power your marketing and customer analytics and support your strategy, risk management, portfolio and customer relationship management with new and existing customers or segments.
  • Measurement of debt stress and overall financial stress, including the linkage to negative impacts such as physical and emotional health, lost productivity, isolation, relationships and community well-being.
  • Qualitative deep financial health customer interviews and analysis – including on underserved customers and those you’re trying to help.
  • Development of customized proprietary financial health index models.
  • Employee financial health/ wellness measurement and employee FI customer strategies and support. 
  • Small business financial health measurement and strategy, including for different types of businesses and business owners.
  • Targeted measurement of financial health outcomes including for low-income Canadians, the underserved, women and others to support your program development, new product and services.

Our team has developed proprietary Financial Health Index models for Canadian FIs based on their transactional banking data – and we’re adept at providing integrated  solutions based on a hybrid of reported and transactional data analytics. Our predictive modelling and analytics and consulting provide opportunities for enhanced nudging, deeper conversations and support by committed financial providers, as well as enhanced advisory, risk and portfolio management.

Please contact us for more information on our customized solutions, engagements and case studies on the clients and projects we’ve helped, in order to measurably improve the financial health and resilience of Canadians at scale.

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