Research & Measurement

Understand the financial pain points, stresses and behaviours of of your target customers or stakeholders and their financial health, reslience and wellness – and importantly, what more you can do to have impact.

Create meaningful performance measures linked to your purpose, vision, brand ‘health’  customer experience and bottom line metrics.

Research, translated into the “so what?” can be a powerful springboard to pin-point the unique financial pain points, challenges, met and unmet needs of your customers, employees and stakeholders. This helps you to make more informed decisions, and target your impact and investment through customized offerings and programs: for women, enterpreneurs; low income housholds, young families or people struggling with debt.

For financial services innovators specifically, with now 3-years of data and benchmarks, the Canadian Financial Health Index provides independent insights on Canadians’ perception of how well their primary FI (be it a bank, credit union or alternative provider like Tangerine) is effectively supporting their customers’ financial wellness. Insights also relate to challenged access to products, advice, tools and more, plus pportunities and business benefits of an increased investment in your financial wellness: with the specifics, and the “why”.

Our team has also also developed proprietary Financial Health Index models for Canadian FIs based on their transactional banking data – and we’re adept at providing integrated  solutions based on a hybrid of reported and transactional data analytics. We help create and analyse different models and aspects of the customer experience. Our predictive modelling and analytics and consulting provide opportunities for enhanced nudging, deeper conversations and support by committed financial providers.

Please contact us if you’re interested in our 3-year or 2019 tabular reports or customized research and consulting offerings. Organization and brand-specific measurement can be provided through boost samples and customized add-on solutions.

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