Research & Measurement

Understand the financial stressors of your customers and measure their financial health. Empower your leaders and employees through meaningful performance measures connected to organizational brand ‘health’ and traditional bottom line metrics.

Levering our proprietary Canadian Financial Health Index data, financial health framework and expertise, we can help your organization develop a customer-centric financial health strategic framework and new set of benchmarks – while measuring your customers’ financial health.

Relevant financial health indicators can complement more traditional loyalty and banking product or profitability KPIs. Based on a deeper understanding of your customers’ financial health and stress issues and behaviours, you can also segment your customer base into financially challenged, surviving and thriving segments.

We provide benchmark insights into consumer perceptions on their primary financial institution helping to support their financial health – and what gaps may exist. This provides tangible financial services enablement opportunities, to help your organization and employees better serve priority segments and measure your success.

Integrate our data-driven solutions with your existing customer and transactional data, segmentation, CRM and customer experience models, to help enrich and elevate what you measure and do.

We also provide customized financial health research, analytics and modelling services to help your organization support the financial health and wellness of your customers, in line with your brand strategy and priorities.

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