Reports & Whitepapers

2020 White Papers


2019 White Papers

  • FHI 2019 Findings and 3-Year Trends Report on the challenged financial health, resilience and wellness of Canadians
  • 2019 Renters Versus Homeowners White Paper


2018 White Papers

  •  FHI 2018 Study Report – Financial Wellness remains challenged for Canadians
  • Money Shame Report – Money shame, money scripts and how this impacts financial wellness
  • Financial Health Gender Gap Report: created with Vancity, levering FHI data (2018) 


2017 White Papers

  • Framing Financial Health & Wellness: as a paradigm shift in the banking world
  • FHI 2017 Study Report – baseline results on the financial health, resilience and wellness of Canadians
  • The Role Financial Institutions (FIs) Can Play in supporting their customers’ financial health and well-being
  • Underserved Canadians White Paper

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