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We’re leaders in financial health and wellness enterprise strategy development and provide consulting and advisory services to meet your needs.

Seymour Management Consulting Inc. has extensive experience and proven methodologies for customer-led research, strategy and value proposition development within financial services, spanning decades.  Our team of consultants and associates have deep expertise in strategy, financial services, transformation and execution and are all passionate about delivering exceptional results and outcomes, working closely with our clients and partners.

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Building on our data, research and deep financial services and financial health experience, we’ll help your organization create market-leading financial-health customer experience and business strategies that take your brand differentiation to the next level. 

We work with partners and clients to co-create and re-invent new products, services, tools, programs and new ways of doing business. We have expertise in customer experience strategy development and numerous transformation projects. Eloise Duncan, CEO and Founder, also leads presentations and sessions on Financial Wellness with clients’ boards, Senior Executive Teams and employees. 

Example projects we’ve led include over the years include:

  • Financial resilience and vulnerability measurement and scorecard development: levering the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM and FHI dataset;
  • Customized financial health research and measurement studies, tracking and scorecard development;
  • Financial resilience scoring of FI customers, as an augmentation to the credit score and other risk/ customer data.
  • Development of proprietary Financial Wellness Index based on banking transactional data for an FI.
  • Creation of an alternative payday loan strategy and solution for a leading Credit Union.
  • Enterprise financial health and resilience strategy development and strategy-to-execution.
  • Customer experience strategy projects and enterprise strategy transformations.
  • New product and service development to transform banking, through the lens of customers’ financial health, resilience and wellness.
  • Wealth management strategies/ new product development to support customers’ financial wellness and resilience;
  • Retirement and financial planning solutions and customer experience strategy – including in the pensions and retirement space;
  • Insurance, employee benefits and employee financial wellness strategy/ new product and services development;
  • Qualitative and quantitative customer research, gap and opportunity analysis: to help highlight FI performance and opportunities to deepen relationships and better support customers’ financial resilience and wellness: throughout the customer relationship and key touch points.
  • Value proposition development: for women; business owners; millennials and other segments.
  • Channel strategy development and and creation of digital financial wellness products and solutions;
  • Community Impact Strategy: including to support the financial health and resilience of the underserved.

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