Our vision is to help build an equitable, resilient and prosperous Canada.

We recognize the connection between the financial health and resilience of households and the overall resilience and well-   being of individuals, families, businesses, and our communities and our economy. With our collaborative partners, we’re working to help build a better understanding of the inter-related nature of social, economic and environmental factors that contribute to the well-being of Canadians.

We’re also striving to help committed organizations to measurably improve the financial resilience and financial well-being of their customers, employees and stakeholder at scale.


Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to help measurably improve Canadians’ financial resilience and financial well-being, by collaborating with Financial   Institutions, Governments, Non-Profit Organizations and committed institutions to better support the financial resilience of their customers, employees and target populations at scale – including in particular underserved and vulnerable populations.


Our Beliefs

  • We believe financial health and resilience is important for all.
  • We believe that data is a team support, and that cross-section collaboration is the way forward.
  • We believe in the power of finance for good.
  • We believe financial health and resilience is good for people, society, business and our world.


About Seymour Management Consulting Inc.

Seymour Management Consulting Inc. is a Canadian financial services consulting firm founded in 2009. We are the leading independent authority on financial health in Canada and members of the C.D. Howe Institute. Through our team of experts and partners, and by applying the Seymour Financial Resilience IndexTM we deliver measurement, research and analytics, strategic consulting and support collaborative innovation.