Why work with us?

We’re helping Financial Institutions, Governments, Employers and other committed innovators to increase their impact, while differentiating their brands and driving growth.


Seymour Consulting is working with leading Financial Institutions, public and private organizations, social enterprises and Employers, to help them to measurably improve the financial resilience and financial well-being of their customers, employees, stakeholders and communities at scale, while driving growth, differentiation and impact.


As purpose-driven leaders, our values and beliefs shape everything we do. Here they are in a nutshell:


    • Entrepreneurial Spirit: we’re curious and entrepreneurial in the questions we ask and the solutions we help co-create. We’re not scared to be bold and take risks. 
    • Integrity and Authenticity: we foster trusting relationships and work with integrity. We are authentic and transparent.
    • Positivity: we believe in our clients’ ability to achieve amazing results and in the power of customer-led innovation. We’re half-glass full people that roll up our sleeves to get things done.
    • Collaborative Innovation: we engage customers, clients and leaders in collaborative innovation. We take an integrated and data-driven approach and work to continuously improve, test-and-learn.

    As members of the professional Institute of Certified Management Consultants in B.C. we are bound by the CMC Code of Conduct for ethical behaviour.

A growing team of people wanting to make a difference


We’re leading the way to help organizations re-invent and transform their strategies, policies and programs for impact.

Now more than ever, organizations are striving to innovate to help support the financial health, wellness and resilience of their customers in meaningful ways – while differentiating their brands and dialing up their impact.

Seymour Consulting is the leading independent authority on financial health in Canada, and the only organization that provides trended national research on the financial health and well-being of Canadians through our national Financial Well-Being studies, first launched in 2017.

We have deep expertise in the Canadian market, and are creators of the Seymour Financial Resilience Index, which has unique value and applications for different organizations.

Our growing team is made up of experts in their fields, who all want to make a difference. Collectively, we have decades of experience in financial services strategy, banking and new product and service innovation across multiple projects, business lines and markets. We’re also ready to roll-up-our sleeves and partner with new and existing clients to help them achieve their goals.

We provide customized solutions and have a proven track record at developing enterprise financial health strategies and programs. Please contact us for more information or to set up a consultation, please contact us.


     Benefits and Impact

    • Understand and track the financial resilience, financial wellness and financial well-being of your customers, prospects and markets over time and the impact of your investments from a customer, business and social outcomes perspective.
    • Gain powerful insights on impacts of the pandemic, and other financial stressors and challenges, impacting people, as well as the gains and improvements in financial resilience for specific populations with the “why”.
    • Track peoples’ changing consumer and financial behaviours impacting their financial resilience and financial well-being outcomes – also for the four financial resilience segments [from ‘Extremely Vulnerable’ to ‘Financially Resilient’].
    • See gaps and opportunities for your organization to help measurably improve your customers’ financial resilience, and help improve their financial wellness
    • Work with us to translate insights into strategy, and strategy into action.


    Research, Measurement & Analytics

    Strategic Consulting

    Collaborative Innovation