Seymour Consulting is the leading independent authority on financial health in Canada.

We’re a boutique consulting firm founded in 2009 based in Vancouver, B.C and members of the C.D. Howe Institute.

Our core purpose is to help policymakers, Financial Institutions and committed innovators to measurably improve the financial resilience, financial well-being and overall well-being of people and communities at scale, including more financially vulnerable and underserved populations. 

As creators of the Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM  and through research analytics, strategic consulting and collaborative innovation projects, we’re supporting organizations to help drive positive impact at scale.

Our team provides access to our Index solutions, develop financial health and resilience models and customized strategies and lead financial wellness customer experience innovation to help our clients and partners achieve financial, social and impact outcomes. 

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Read Statistics Canada Vanier Institute of the Family’s Canadians’ Well-being in Year One of the COVID-19 Pandemic report with contributions by Seymour Consulting.

Statistics Canada – Seymour Consulting Report on the financial resilience and financial well-being of Canadians during the Covid-19 pandemic

Definitions and why a focus on financial health and resilience matters  

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Seymour Financial Resilience IndexTM is a trademark owned by Seymour Management Consulting Inc. 


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