Improving Financial Resilience For All

We partner with business leaders, innovators and policymakers to develop and implement solutions that improve financial health, resilience and well-being for all.

Our Vision is for a financially resilient Canada

Many of us experience financial vulnerability and financial stress. This impacts our well-being: with social, financial and economic impacts for Canada and countries around the world.

As a social enterprise and the leading independent authority on financial health, Seymour Consulting helps business leaders, policy makers and innovators to improve the financial resilience and well-being of their customers, employees and communities at scale.

We’re working to help support in particular more financially vulnerable or underserved populations, while fostering financial inclusion and empowerment.


Learn more about Seymour Financial Resilience Index TM and how our team is supporting organizations to achieve their impact, financial and business goals.

The index has been peer-reviewed by Statistics Canada. Read joint report here.


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Collaborative Innovation

Definitions and why financial health and resilience matters

Check out the Index which measures and and tracks households’ financial resilience at the national, provincial and individual household level

Read our Financial Well-Being reports including ‘The Financial Resilience and Financial Well-Being of Canadians during Covid-19‘ jointly published by Statistics Canada and Seymour Consulting 

Watch this video with Eloise Duncan, CEO and Founder, and Certified Management Consultant (CMC)